Top 10 cameras – My recommendations for 2016

By | 17 April, 2016|cameras, photography, shopping, tech|

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Top 12 tips for buying the perfect digital camera

By | 5 February, 2016|cameras, Flickr, photography, shopping, tech|

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Paris, France : #HelloWorldRelay Part I

By | 8 October, 2015|events, France, Paris, photography, travel|

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OnlyLyon Stars and Heroes award Le Petit Prince Lyon

By | 1 October, 2015|events, France, Le Petit Prince, Lyon, photography|

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Paris Eiffel Tower helium balloons photoshoot

By | 19 July, 2015|France, Paris, photography, travel|

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Video/Event: Geneva New Year’s Eve 2014 Fireworks Genève feux d’artifice du nouvel an

By | 2 January, 2014|events, Geneva, photography, videos|

I had great plans for watching the fireworks... but it didn't turn out exactly as I had expected. First of all, I realised it was

Salut !

By | 23 November, 2010|graphic design, news, photography|

Hello again... I have been using Facebook more recently because it's just easier. I hope you are keeping updated with my news over there... if

Event: Creative Sydney

By | 21 June, 2009|events, photography, Sydney|

So I wrote about Creative Sydney quickly before and said that I would be going. They had events on for 3 weeks and I made

Historic events through Lego

By | 11 June, 2009|fun, photography|

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Leonardo da Vinci’s painting ‘The Last Supper’

Life: Photo essay – Multicultural Sydney

By | 31 May, 2009|life, photography, shopping, Sydney, travel|

In the past two weeks... I graduated from my web design course (May 18) More qualifications for me... yay! I got my hair cut (May

DIY: Camera hot shoe PEZ dispenser

By | 20 April, 2009|DIY, fun, photography, toys, tutorials|

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Some genius over at by the name of Federico Sartorio wrote a tutorial about how to hack a PEZ dispenser to become a hot shoe gadget (a ‘hot shoe’ is the mounting part on top of certain cameras that enable you to attach an external flash). I found this over a year ago but it wasn’t till a few weeks ago that I finally went ahead and did it. It is quite hard to find PEZ in Australia, at least, interesting character ones. I got mine from a toy store but Target has an OK range. You can probably also get them at specialized candy stores.

Life: My digital photography workflow

By | 13 April, 2009|Adobe, Apple, photography, Photoshop, tutorials|

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I am a really sentimental person and I know I would be gutted if I ever lost any of my precious photos. So, I have developed (what I consider) an efficient workflow and it works for me. However, I constantly see others who don’t have any sort of workflow and then get upset when they lose photos or can’t find them on their computer, etc. When I say workflow, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s related to work, I am also talking about personal photos. If your photos are important to you, I’d say taking simple measures and precautions would be wise.