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FREE Mother’s Day DIY digital printables

By | 3 May, 2016|Categories: freebies, graphic design, printables|

I must admit that Mother's Days are hard for me because I hardly ever get to see my mother :( In fact, I have not seen her during any Mother's Day since

Fashion: Off the shoulder tops

By | 20 April, 2016|Categories: fashion, shopping|

I cannot wait for summer! We've only had a hint of spring so far, which comes and goes.. I cannot wait for fullblown summer. It's always super hard living in

Exhibition: Self-portraits: From Rembrandt to the selfie, Musée des Beaux Arts, Lyon

By | 18 April, 2016|Categories: art, exhibitions, France, Lyon, museums|

(en français)   As a runner-up winner in a recent Instagram photo competition organised by @igerslyon, @onlylyon and @mba_lyon I was invited to see the latest exhibition "De Rembrandt au selfie" ("From Rembrandt

Top 10 cameras – My recommendations for 2016

By | 17 April, 2016|Categories: cameras, photography, shopping, tech|

Here is my list of the top 10 cameras for 2016 for all budgets (all prices are approximate and are in US dollars) How did I make this list? I

Why your blog doesn’t need a niche

By | 4 March, 2016|Categories: blogging, life|

This is something I've been thinking about a lot over the past few days: Finding my niche. What exactly is my blog about? Once upon a time when I started this blog in 2008 I

The Little Prince exhibition in Versailles

By | 27 February, 2016|Categories: exhibitions, France, Le Petit Prince, museums, Paris, travel, Versailles|

My Little Prince had been bugging me to take him to Versailles to see his exhibition. It's only on until the end of February so I had no choice but to go right now (and

Top 12 tips for buying the perfect digital camera

By | 5 February, 2016|Categories: cameras, Flickr, photography, shopping, tech|

This is a question I have been asked a lot by friends over the years so I decided to create this blogpost to help others. Now, I'm not someone who changes models every single year but

The Grand Budapest Hotel and Fantastic Mr Fox movie sets exhibition, Lyon

By | 26 December, 2015|Categories: animation, exhibition, films, France, Grand Budapest Hotel, Lyon, museums|

    (en français) Wes Anderson exhibition in Lyon, France - The Grand Budapest Hotel and Fantastic Mr Fox movie sets and props The other day I saw on Cloporte's Instagram feed that a Wes Anderson

Delacre Le Petit Prince Tea Time biscuits

By | 21 December, 2015|Categories: food, Le Petit Prince, shopping|

(en français) Hi, it's Le Petit Prince here to tell you about some very yummy biscuits I discovered by the Belgian biscuit-maker Delacre. Their biscuits are not only yummy, but they are very cool! Why? Because

DIY tutorial The Little Prince Felt Rose

By | 17 December, 2015|Categories: design, DIY, Le Petit Prince, tutorials|

Thanks to my Little Prince instagram account I've not only met a whole lot of other Little Prince fans, but a whole lot of crafty creative people! I just love it! I have discovered so

Hema Lyon Grand Opening

By | 11 December, 2015|Categories: France, home, Lyon, shopping|

(en français) Coincidentally, about a month ago when I was in Toulouse I stumbled upon a Hema store so I had a taste for what was to come in Lyon. It's one of those stores

Primark Lyon grand opening

By | 2 November, 2015|Categories: fashion, France, Lyon, shopping|

(en français) For months I'd been hearing about the opening of a Primark store in Lyon (the first for the city) and in the days leading up to it it was in the media a

Le Mont Saint Michel, France : #HelloWorldRelay Part IX

By | 16 October, 2015|Categories: events, France, Le Mont Saint Michel, travel|

Part VIII : Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, France Part IX : Le Mont Saint Michel After I'd finished taking pictures at the Normandy American cemetery, we input Le Mont Saint Michel into the GPS

Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, France : #HelloWorldRelay Part VIII

By | 15 October, 2015|Categories: colleville-sur-mer, events, France, travel|

Part VII : Omaha Beach, Colleville-sur-mer Part VIII : Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, France I'll be honest. At this point in the trip I was really tempted to skip this place because I was worried about

Omaha Beach, Colleville-sur-mer, France : #HelloWorldRelay Part VII

By | 14 October, 2015|Categories: colleville-sur-mer, events, France, travel|

Part VI : Pont l'Évêque Part VII : Omaha Beach, Colleville-sur-mer Omaha Beach measures 8km (5 miles) long and is located on the coast of Normandy. This location played a huge part in World War

Pont l’Eveque, France : #HelloWorldRelay Part VI

By | 13 October, 2015|Categories: events, France, Pont L'Eveque, travel|

Part V : Pont de Normandie (Normandy Bridge) Part VI : Pont l'Évêque This little town and the surrounding region is well known for producing cheese, so I was asked to photograph a fromagerie. However,