Truth is, I’ve been blogging for a LONG time. I’ve also been a bit of a computer geek for a long time. In the late 90s blogs did not exist but I created a webpage (handcoded in HTML) where I had a page called ‘News’ where I would post designs, photos and random tidbits about my life.

Throughout the 2000s I’ve had a number of blogs, some overlapping others timewise and some continuing, some dying.

Every time a blog died for whatever reason, I’d start up a new one. Now, as every blogger knows, the easy part is starting a blog, the hard part is keeping it up! It is extremely time consuming and it really is a full-time job (if you want to make an interesting blog full of content). I remember I was spending around 3 hours for each blogpost, meticulously checking my spelling and grammar, and checking that all the photos were uploaded correctly, and that the links worked, etc.

This was in 2008-2009 which was probably the most ‘profitable’ time in my life in terms of blogging. Now by profitable, I don’t mean money. I didn’t run ads and I wasn’t making any money from my blog. What I mean is I felt a sense of accomplishment, I felt engaged with my audience, I enjoyed reading and commenting on other peoples’ blogs… I was really living and breathing this blog.

Now that all came to an abrupt halt when I decided to move to France. Moving to another country is hard enough, but when you are moving to another country AND another continent, and one that does not speak English, 17,000kms (10,000 miles) away from home, there are a LOT of things to organise. On top of that, a few months before I was due to move there I got really really sick with a chronic asthmatic cough that just wouldn’t go away.

The funny thing is, when I saw an allergy specialist, she told me of some story where there was a man with really bad allergies and asthma and somebody told him he should move to the Alps because the air there is better for those problems. Imagine her surprise and shock when I told her I was moving there! I was also so happy when she told me that (and yes, it’s true. I hardly suffer from allergies here except for a month or two during springtime).

So anyway, being sick and preparing for such a huge life change, I couldn’t keep up my blog anymore. I just didn’t have time. I had so many more important things to do, people to say goodbye to… and unlike an expat who has their company take care of (and pay for) everything, I had to do everything by myself. There was no relocation company, no free posting of personal effects over, no one coming with me to help…

And so once I eventually moved to a tiny town in France there was the period of settling in… It was really hard at first but just when I thought it was getting easier, I moved again (less than one year later)… to Geneva!

So during all this time (2009-2015) there hasn’t really been a single time in my life where I’ve been stable enough to keep a blog going. However, sometime in 2013, I decided to start one again. As I was working full time, I got someone else to code it this time (last time I made my own WordPress theme from scratch which took many months since I had only just learnt how to do it).

Eventually, although the WordPress theme was done, I still didn’t have the time, energy nor motivation to keep writing in a blog on a regular basis… and yet, at the same time, my photo collection was getting bigger and bigger day by day.

I didn’t want to be like so many people who proudly proclaim they have a blog, write one post and never touch it again. To me that would be like opening a brand new shop with no products. I wanted my blog to be full of hundreds of posts (‘products’) by the time I ‘released’ (‘opened’) it to the world. However, I would NEVER ever have enough time to do that.

Like many people, it was also simply much easier to post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram…

So then I just forgot about my blog because other priorities took over.

Also, I actually got sick of the design/theme that I had spent SO long perfecting with my web designer/developer. So now I started from scratch. Like many people, I bought a WordPress theme and spent quite a white tailoring it and designing it to my needs and taste.

So now, today is 22 July, 2014 and even though my blog is nowhere near finished, the design is (pretty much) and I will steadily upload posts (from the past or the present) when they are ready. I will make a committment to posting as often as I can. I will try to post as often as I can be it once a day, week, or month.

(it is now February 2015 and I’m finally committed to re-opening and continuing my blog!) :)