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Recently I redesigned my blog so it fits in with the rest of my website. I looked at a few tutorials online and “So you want to design WordPress themes huh?” was the most comprehensive and easiest to follow.

While it’s still not 100% perfect (because I’m only a PHP newbie), I am pleased with the results so far, and to know I created it all myself was quite exciting.

I already had the design/layout mocked up in Fireworks. From that I created the blog code in HTML and CSS. It seemed pretty easy when I started. Just plonk in the PHP in the relevant places and voila! However, it was a little harder than I thought because the tutorial assumes a standard WordPress layout with 2 columns (including 1 sidebar) whereas mine has 3 columns (including 2 sidebars). Also I wanted certain things to appear in different places so there was a lot of tweaking (and I’m still tweaking, there are still some small glitches and it’s a constant work-in-progess). Getting the date box to look exactly like how I wanted suddenly brought back memories of me learning all about PHP date formats and it felt great when I realized how easy it was! I felt a massive sense of accomplishment when I had finally created my own theme! So give it a try!